First Look- Lenovo K900 Worlds First Full Metal+Full HD Smartphone- Enter Iron Man!!

When we talk about flagship phones the usual suspects that come first to our minds are quad core processors, 2gb RAM, HD or Full HD screens and also plastic bodies and high price tags.

But never do we imagine a full aluminium body, 2Ghz processor from Intel, a 13 MP Camera, Chip speed which is even faster than the Octa Core Samsung Galaxy S4 and a price tag which leans towards upper mid range in todays standards! Say hello to the Lenovo K900!!

Metal Body Solid- The Lenovo K900
Design and Build Quality
The Screen of this beauty is a Full HD- 1080p Display. Despite its full Aluminium body construction (literally held down by screws!) and anodized top and bottom finish the phone is just 6.9mm thin! Now you might be thinking there goes my battery but could you ever guess this beautiful beast has a 3500MaH Battery at its heart? take that Tony Stark!

1080p Screen on a 5.5 Inch screen.
Thin yet functional- 6.9mm thin with a 3500MaH battery, easily lighter and a better battery than the Galaxy Note 2.

The Antutu benchmark makes it even faster than the Samsung Galaxy S4!! (although nothing can beat the octa core version of the S4)
Now that is fast!!

Though details are still scarce about the India release we will update you once we have more info on this killer device!! :)


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