Lenovo P780: Stars with Kobe Bryant with a monster 4000mAH battery

Lenovo is on a launching spree, after its critically acclaimed Lenovo K900 the company has gone ahead and announced the Lenovo P780 for the Chinese market for now.
The big battery will easily last 2-3 days of usage
Battery life has always been a bane in today's smartphone crazy world and while technology has rapidly advanced the battery size has remained more or less fixed.

This is all about to change with the new breed of Phones which will come with bigger better batteries and yet  boast of slim profiles. The Lenovo K900 for example boasts of a 3000mAH battery, the upcoming Jiayu G6 a massive 5000 mAH battery.

Will the P780 see the light in India, or like the K900 be a China exclusive dream phone? Only time will tell..


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