UMI and Zopo announce service centers in India, (un)Surprisingly- its the same list!

One more day goes by and one more update comes and goes by

But you need not be a rocket scientist to guess what is going on here.

Two companies- Same service stations, is this for real? or is this the "Androidguruz?"
Both Zopo and UMI have announced service centers for their products. While both the pages are different links the list they lead you to are the same!

What this means is that both (and more) Chinese brands will share same sales/service points!

Or is this the famed Androidguruz initiative that was announced months ago?

We grow sceptical by the day especially with brands like UMI, who have set the internet afire with news of the X2, X1-S, S1 and now the X2-16GB model and a tablet. But so far all we have seen is facebook postings and a rushed pre-production model to a blogger to pacify angry and disillusioned customers waiting since the past 3 months!

All we say is be careful before you spend your hard earned money on an Indian budget alternative like Micromax, Zen, Xolo, Karbonn etc but not these Chinese companies. You could try Gionee however which has established itself well in the Indian market and have a legitimate portfolio of products and real service stations spread all across the country.

Or if your budget allows Samsung, Nokia and Sony are the best safe bets.. For now and the whole of 2013 atleast.


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