Shiva's UMI X2: "The Canvas HD just fainted in front of this thing!!"

Editors Note
By now UMI fans will know who Shiva Sharma is? well if you don't know then Shiva was one of the first customers of UMI to recieve the UMI X2 and was the one who visited the Androidguruz store at New Delhi and share his experience with GizChai.

That article bought us a lot of bad publicity as frustrated UMI customers turned their ire on us for "turning towards UMI" or being "biased and paid by UMI to write it!" .Shiva too got a lot of flak, some even branded him as a fake person.

Well at GizChai we have a simple policy "to Tech and the Truth!" and we are glad we stuck by it despite all the heavy criticism and today you see lots of customers getting their phones and posting positive (if not glowing feedback about the phone!)
Shiva reading one of his favorite tech sites on his brand new X2! Thanks Shiva :)
So we requested Shiva too to share his experience with his new UMI X2, he graciously agreed to do so!
here is his feedback and pictures with his phone.

We request other readers too to share their expriences with thier new UMI X2 with Photos and Videos.

Editor- GizChai

My First Chinese Smartphone (by Shiva Sharma)
Finally after such a long wait I got my UMI X2. I was so impatient to get this that I went to the androidguruz store and got the phone on my own when they gave me a call to confirm my address for the delivery.

The box Pack is like a book and looks very nice. It contains all the details about the phone. Inside there is the UMI X2, a 2500mAH Battery, Phone charger (a two pin type) USB to Micro USB cable for charging and data syncing. A screen Guard. There is no headset provided.

The UMI X2 box pack and its contents
The phone has no physical defects and the Gorilla glass protected screen seems solidly built too. The phone when opened has two SIM slots, Micro SD card slot which can support 32GB cards (taking the total maximum internal memory to 64GB!!)

After two days of usage the cellphone is acting normal no WiFi drops or network drops. The Phone comes prerooted hence there is no problem in installing all your favorite apps like MobileUncle, Titanium Backup or installing custom ROMs (although at your own risk)

1080p videos run smoothly,no heating issues with charger or device,camera quality is good, battery backup is around 8+ hours on moderate usage,screen is truly ips retina.
The storage indicating the 32GB ROM.
I've tested subway surfer game only and was working normal.
2GB RAM going great guns in Shiva's UMI X2

Canvas HD fainted in side by side comparison to X2.they have cleared more than 3000+ handsets and there is only month replacement warranty as compared to the promised 3months and after that rest of year your phone will be repaired .

Well thank you Shiva, we look forward to more pictures, videos and experiences with your phone!!


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