Why the iPhone 5S and 5C sucks!

Ok before you label me as a android fanboy and junk this as a piece of droid fanboyism lets get some things straight- Even the most hardcore iPhone fan deserved something way better than "Unapologetic plastic!!" That's why iPhones are revered by fans and haters all around the world by building a plastic version of the iPhone 5 with internals of an iPhone5, cost of an iPhone 5 and discontinuing the iPhone5 to bump sales of the iPhone 5C what was Apple thinking??

The iPhone 5S on the other hand boasts of next generation 64bit processor, finger print scanner and the new and improved (Same old) 8MP camera with a new lens still does not support a simple thing called Bluetooth file transfer- Oh hell I almost forgot "You got an app for it!!" and it will set you back by another $10!

I still don't get the point when people drool over a phone whose battery 1500mAH is smaller than the ASHA batteries and you pay the price of a top end laptop or 125cc motorbike for this? Is this because it comes in gold? I need not write anymore- the followin ad speaks for itself and Microsoft must be congratulated by bringing the truth behind "The most awaited" smartphone of the year!!

Seriously Apple you need to get back to good old innovation and building stuff that blows the market away- Not whimper and cover your overpriced, underpowered and poorly featured products. You are market disruptors in terms of innovation not meek followers of mainstream trends- Can we atleast expect the iPhone 6 to be the "Phone everybody drools for?"


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