ECOO aims to be the Xiaomi Redmi 1s Killer with its first phone?

The cool thing about startups is the abundant interest and enthusiasm it generates. I remember being one of the few following OnePlus when it first started off and excitedly telling everyone in office what a cool phone it was when hardly anybody knew about it!

ECOO a chinese "new smartphone start up bringing you powerful phones at fantastic prices!" (As described on its facebook page) aims to bring about a similar wave of enthusiam especially with its first spec teaser which reads:

Well good start ECOO, now for the essentials like Build quality, ROM, Internal memory and screen protection. We are still not talking about cameras cos based on the empty grey space in the teaser we are hoping there are more details to come in the following days.

With Redmi 1S being firmly established as the Gold Standard for Budget phones in Indian with premium features there exists an whole market out there for the smartphones which can compete with the Redmi buck to buck, hence it would be very cruicial to monitor this company in the days to come, who knows? this be the poor man's One Plus!

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