Xiaomi Ban: This is just a bend and not the end for the Chinese Tech-tsunami

Just yesterday I registered to buy my 3rd Redmi Note for a colleague of mine, after buying one each for 2 managers at the place of my work and its seemed like the Note would make waves like its predecessors the MI3 and the Redmi 1S.

Sadly this will not be the case, atleast for the next few weeks (Or days) as the Patent infringement suit by Ericsson and the subsequent ban by the Delhi High court has put a minor halt to the tech expansion as confirmed by Mi India through their official FB page:

This however has not stopped the tech giant,which has kept its sights firmly on India, from its R&D as news from the mainland trickle in the Redmi 2 is ready and may be ready to ship with almost same specs, a slimmer profile over the Redmi 1S.

Our support is with you Xiaomi- we look forward for even more awesome products from your stable and your return to India ASAP.


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